It is common for a child to dislike a new kind of food right away. It takes 10 or more tries to accept it to eat. For general growth and development, parents should feed kids foods from each of the food groups. In today’s society, it is hard to get kids to eat healthy, between social media, ads, and fast food it is becoming more challenging.

9 Tips to help your child to eat healthy

– Cut down on the amount of fat and processed foods in your family’s diet. Include low-fat dairy products, lean meat, fat-free cereals, or bread.

– Avoid restricting sweets or desserts. Fat, salt, sugar have a moderate place in our diet. Don’t avoid them completely. Be sure to teach your child about portions and portion control

– Make or keep a wide variety of healthy foods ready at home to be eaten as snacks. Of course, allow occasional chips, juice, and cookies.– Eating slowly helps to detect hunger and fullness better. Encourage your child to eat slowly.


– Eating meals together with family helps children. Mealtime with family can be pleasant with free-flowing, light-hearted conversations about the day, etc.

– Activities like shopping for food and preparing meals are a fun time for children. Both parents and children learn about each other’s food preferences and enjoy the time spent together.


– Eating meals and watching TV at the same time makes it difficult to pay attention to hunger and may lead to overeating.

– Sending children to bed without eating food may give them the impression that they will have to go hungry. So they may try to eat whenever they get a chance. Avoid using food as punishment.


– If your kid is having lunch at school, find out more about the lunch program. If you pack your child’s food include a variety of foods. While dining out, pick healthier items.

– If you as parents eat healthy nutritious food, your child tends to learn and pick up similar eating habits. Set a good example by eating a variety of nutritious foods and snacks. Teaching your child healthy eating practices early in life will help develop an approach to eating food with the right attitude.