Is The Food Industry To Blame For Your Weight Struggles?

Have you ever wondered why Americans eat so much? The growth of the food industry has made high-fat. It is inexpensive meals available throughout the world, readiness and size have become a major selling point. McDonald’s sells the Big Mac, Wendy’s offers the Big Classic, and Burger King pushes the Whopper. Do you notice anything similar with the names of these burgers? A large coke at most fast-food restaurants is now 32 ounces and 310 calories and at one time not too long ago was just 12 ounces and 180 calories. A 12-ounce can of soda contains 8 to 10 teaspoons of sugar and many people consume as many as 7 cans a day, which equals nearly 1000 empty calories and 60 teaspoons of sugar. The food abundance has engrained a spot in your mind, causing intense cravings and result in Weight Gain.



The fast-food industry makes promotional links with popular toymakers, giving away toys with their kids’ meals. It’s a clever way to target kids, and a successful toy promotion can double or triple the weekly sales of children’s meals.  The fast-food industry spends about 33 billion dollars a year on advertising and most of it is subliminally and affect you without  awareness; without you knowing it. You may notice the contents of a commercial, but they go right over your head and infect your subconscious. Whether it’s a catchy jiggly or a funny commercial the seed is planted.



Be aware of the food industry, try to make home-cooked meals or healthier dining options. One of the biggest causes of obesity is the accessibility of food. These foods are normally highly processed and calorically dense. Not only are they high in calories they have little to no nutritional value and won’t leave you feeling full for long, promoting you to eat even more. Ultimately, weight gain and health risk are the outcomes of a poor diet, be aware, and make the changes today.