“Jason is a fabulous trainer. He takes pride in helping his clients achieve their best health. He is genuine yet firm in his approach because he believes that everyone is capable of success!”

Tiffiney C.

“Jason is amazing! He is truly invested in his clients and wants them to succeed. Training with Jason has taught me I am stronger than I ever thought. He has made my weight loss journey successful and fun! I always know if I’m having a hard time motivating myself some days Jason is there to keep me going.”

Amanda P.

“My fitness journey has been amazing and Jason is a big part of that. Jason has encouraged me to push a little harder and is always there for positive reinforcement. He has helped me learn the proper way to workout to get the best results! Jason is an amazing trainer and I look forward to continuing this journey with him!!”

Tammy W.

Helped me fall back in love with weight training! Jay is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Always prepared to answer any of my questions about nutrition or working out!

Becca H.

I love Jason. We all love Jason.. and you will love Jason! He has the knowledge that you’re looking for and a great, warm, fun personality to keep you motivated. I can’t say enough good things about him.

Terri C.

Jason is wonderful! He is easy going, supportive, and encouraging. When training with him I found myself growing healthier in many aspects of my health, not just weight loss. I would recommend him to anyone working to improve/maintain their health and wellness, no matter where you are starting!

Teresa R.

Jason is AMAZING! If you want results, someone to push you outside of your comfort zone and someone who cares about your goals. He is the one you need to train with! I highly highly recommend him!!!

Rachel P.

Jason is the best and always makes me feel comfortable while working out! I would highly recommend Jay to everyone if they are looking to get fit in a fun way!

Ally L.

After having my first baby I was need of a push to get back into the game! Jay is amazing and pushes you to succeed. He is absolutely amazing and helped me to lose 50lbs! Thank you Jay!!

Sebrina T.

Jason is amazing! He is positive, funny and makes working out fun. He is really good at pushing you when you need it and also knowing when to modify things. I lost 63lbs working with Jason and am excited to continue getting healthy and strong!

Lea M.

Jay is the BEST! I went to several sessions of a HIIT class that he coaches and he is a great trainer. He is enthusiastic about your progress and genuinely wants to see you succeed. He is also cognizant of movement prep to ensure that you’re being safe and preventing any injury during your workout. Worth it!!

Jen G.

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